Design & Contruction: We can help you design your pond or water-feature, advising on the best siting and construction materials to suit your individual location. We can then manage all of the construction work or installation for you.
 Renovations: If your pond needs renovating, please get in contact with us. We can talk though any pitfalls in your current set-up and agree a first-class PondTech renovation to suit your needs and budget.
Inspections & Maintenance: Regular inspections and maintenance are vitally important for a healthy pond and fish or water-feature. We can help you protect your investment and keep it a pleasure to look at and a focus of it's environment. Regular servicing of equipment will help prolong it's life and help keep your pond or water feature looking it's best. If you'd like to discuss a regular schedule of inspections and maintenance, please contact us. You'll soon discover that we care for our clients' ponds as if they were our own.
 Repairs: Is your pond losing water and you need the problem identified and repaired? Please contact us to arrange an inspection and we can advise you on the best repair option. We have temporary storage equipment for your fish and wildlife while we effect any required repairs.
 Pond Cleaning: Fish waste and natural detritus from other pond visitors and the environment etc can create a hazardous environment for the pond occupants and eyesore for you. Please contact us if you want us to help you keep your pond in beautiful condition either as part of a regular maintenance and cleaning schedule or as a one-off clean.



We cover the whole of Surrey from Epsom to Guilford or Reigate and southern Greater London area but if you're just outside of these areas in Kent, East or West Sussex, Hampshire or Central London please contact us and we will try to help.

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