At Work

Everything starts with the basic outline. This client in Surrey wanted a kidney-shaped traditional garden pond.
With the client's chosen edging stones added, and a small waterfall, the pond starts to take shape. The edging stones can be allowed to weather and be over-planted to lose the bright white appearance if that's the desired final effect.
With the addition of the first plants and the waterfall up and running, local wildlife will soon be attracted to this pond making it teem with life and that's without the additions that the client will purposefully introduce!

Don't worry about your fish and pondlife when we come to work on your pond. We are fully equipped to keep them safe during the maintenance work.


A bigger pond and a bigger hole!

The shelves being prepared.



The liner going in.


Taking time and attention to detail all the way through the construction will pay dividends in the end.



The "pebble beach" end takes a bit of consideration.


Preparing the waterfall - moving water gives a pond such vitality.



We can help you with your choice of plants and prepare them for submersion.



The "pebble beach".



A new watergarden bursts into life. 

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